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One man. Ten extraordinary quests. Bestselling author and human guinea pig A. J. Jacobs puts his life to the test and reports on the surprising and entertaining results. He goes undercover as a woman, lives by George Washingtons moral code, and impersonates a movie star. He practices &quote;radical honesty,&quote; brushes his teeth with the worlds most rational toothpaste, and outsources every part of his life to Indiaincluding reading bedtime stories to his kids. And in a new adventure, Jacobs undergoes scientific testing to determine how he can put his wife through these and other life-altering experimentsone of which involves public nudity. Filled with humor and wisdom, My Life as an Experiment will immerse you in eye-opening situations and change the way you think about the big issues of our timefrom love and work to national politics and breakfast cereal.

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