Аудиокнига Star Over Bethlehem and Other Stories

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WithStar Over Bethlehem, the beloved Queen of Mystery Agatha Christie shines in a totally unexpected way, offering readers a wondrous collection of poems and holiday short stories.A retelling of the Christmas Story in a way youve never heard it before. . . . The fable of a donkey who carries a mother and child safely to Egypt. . . . The tale of a widow who dislikes people until she meets a stranger. . . .From the most popular writer of all time comes a treasured collection of short stories and poems celebrating the holiday season.This special edition also contains a wealth of Agatha Christie raritiesnot only all the stories, poems, and illustrations from her long out-of-print bookStar over Bethlehem(1965) but also a reproduction of all her rare poetry from the two collectionsThe Road of Dreams(1924) andPoems(1973).

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