The Complete Quin and Satterthwaite

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A brand new ebook omnibus featuring Agatha Christie’s favourite characters: Messrs Quin and Satterthwaite.Harley Quin is an enigma. He appears and disappears unexpectedly – and usually by strange tricks of the light caused by stained-glass windows or flickering firelight. His background, family and friends are all a mystery – his almost supernatural powers of detection are, however, very real.Mr Satterthwaite is altogether more normal – fundamentally a snob, he lives the carefree lifestyle of a bachelor whilst indulging his hobbies. Yet, beneath this facade is a deep vein of loneliness that compels him to observe everyone and everything.Together they are an unstoppable, crime-fighting tour de force – Sattherthwaite’s skills of observation are honed by Quin’s subtle questioning, bringing to light the most pertinent clues in any crime. With each acting as a catalyst for the other, the criminal fraternity had best beware…This volume brings all the Quin and Satterthwaite novels and short stories together for the first time, and showcases the pair’s talents in a way that clearly explains why Agatha Christie herself was so fond of her creations: ‘The Love Detectives’.Contains:The Mysterious Mr QuinThree-Act TragedyDead Man’s MirrorThe Love DetectivesThe Harlequin Tea Set

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