Angelica’s self-identification
Alla Krasnova

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Angelica looked down into the soup. The soup was with chicken and vermicelli. Angelica never liked to eat, she just looked at the soup with an anxious expectation that it would end soon, and stirred it with a spoon. Angelica had a tradition: in order not to be forced to eat, she mentally counted to a hundred, and then she was released from the table, as if she had eaten. This time she managed to count to thirty-six, because her mother exclaimed:

– Well, wow, she really is under the refrigerator! But what should she do there? I suppose you put it there yourself? She looked at Angelica.

Angelica was so confused that she told her mother:

«Yes, I did by accident,» because she didn’t know how to explain how she knew that.


Inscriptions now accompanied her everywhere. As soon as she asked a question in her mind, she immediately knew the answer to it, because letters appeared and they could be read. It cannot be said that this somehow increased her quality of life, because everything remained the same.

But it was interesting, at least – funny. It was funny until a gang of robbers showed up in the city, and people’s things began to disappear. Surprisingly, Angelica always knew where they had gone and where to look for them. Therefore, soon many people learned about the supernatural abilities of the girl, and this wildly complicated the life of the family. Therefore, at one point Angelica pretended that she could not see anything else, it was easier that way. And as soon as she pretended, the inscriptions stopped popping up, she lost this ability. Many felt that this was just a fiction and a ridiculous coincidence.

«What if everything is returned back? Angelica was thinking now. – What if we return this magical ability to see and read?». Now, when she was already in her late twenties, she had a completely different attitude to these abilities. They could hardly upset her life. So I had to go back there and repeat my experience anew.

«Maybe I’ll see something this time too. Maybe we should sit in the basement longer?».

Everyone has long forgotten about that case, twenty years have passed since childhood. But she remembered it as she did now: those letters, those words. «How nice it would be to have it back again,» she thought. – Now I’ll figure out what’s what, – with this thought, she bought a train ticket to return to where even the most ridiculous question made sense, because it was answered.»


Angelica has not understood for a long time what she wants to do in life. Previously, she worked as a PR manager in one of the large companies that was engaged in the production of household appliances. But lately, things at work were going so badly that she left work. And at home, she did nothing but stare at the TV and pretend that she was looking for a new job. But nothing suited her.

And only now, standing with a printed electronic ticket in her hand, she understood what she wanted from life. She wants to go back there to regain her abilities, which she so easily gave up twenty years ago. But will they forgive her these opportunities, will they want to come back to her again? It was a difficult question that she didn’t know the answer to. But the feeling that it was there, in the basement, that her real life remained, did not give her peace.


Angelica rode in a reserved carriage, she liked to look out the window. The landscape was floating outside the window. Moscow was left behind. Mentally, she was saying goodbye to everything that was dear to her here. But she didn’t even know what kind of surprise fate was preparing for her, because suddenly a man got hooked on her. She didn’t even turn her head in his direction, when suddenly he said:

– Well, I finally found you.

And then, turning to a familiar voice, Angelica saw Artem.

– What are you doing here? – she asked a little scared.

– What am I doing here? Guess three times. I’m coming with you.

Deep down, Angelica was very glad that Artem followed her. But her soul was scratching cats, she did not know how to explain to him the purpose of the trip. But as it turned out, nothing needs to be explained, because as soon as he sat down next to her, he hugged her tightly and said:

– Listen, I understand that you are very tired and you need a rest. I took a vacation at my own expense. I think my company won’t hurt you, well, at least for protection,» he said, burying his face in her shoulder, which smelled of fresh deodorant.

Angelica laughed. Of course, she knew that she and Artyom met for a reason and lived together for several years for a reason. But to give up everything in order to be with her during this period – she did not expect this, but it was very pleasant for her. There was even some sense of guilt in front of him for not being able to tell the truth. After all, how can you explain to a person that she is going to a distant city to try to regain her abilities. She wasn’t ready for such frankness.


Very quickly they reached the city and settled in a hotel.

«Damn it, it’s a pity you don’t have any friends here,» Artyom said.

– Sorry? Angelica was surprised. – It’s a good thing they’re not there. But you have no idea how much I would like to live in a private house, in nature.

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