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Second Chance at the Belfast Guesthouse

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Will love be enough to overcome the odds? It is 1960 and Clare Hamilton is returning home to her beloved Armagh to marry Andrew, her childhood sweetheart. Full of the hope and possibilities of a newlywed couple, they plan to turn Andrew’s ancestral home into a guesthouse. Their ambition is to use their income to buy back the land of the former family estate so that Andrew can quit his hated job as a solicitor and farm the land he had known as a boy. But the sixties are a time of change, and when political unrest increases bookings begin to decline… Can the pair save their beloved guesthouse and achieve their dreams for a better life? Prepare to be spirited away to rural Ireland in this stunning new saga from Anne Doughty. Previously published as Come Rain, Come Shine Readers LOVE Anne Doughty: ‘I love all the books from this author’ ‘Beautifully written’ ‘Would recommend to everyone’ ‘Fabulous story, couldn't put it down!’ ‘Looking forward to the next one. ’

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