Pale Dawn Dark Sunset

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Mills & Boon are excited to present The Anne Mather Collection – the complete works by this classic author made available to download for the very first time! These books span six decades of a phenomenal writing career, and every story is available to read unedited and untouched from their original release. Once upon a time in Mexico…Miranda is overjoyed when she discovers that the niece she had given up for dead may still be alive. Travelling to Mexico, Miranda finds that the child is in good hands – in a Catholic mission with two brothers who have more or less adopted her. While Juan Cueras is helpful and kind, Miranda is most intrigued by his enigmatic, darkly handsome brother Rafael.The brothers seem destined to bring her nothing but unhappiness – would it be fair to take the little girl away when she is so happily settled? But as she finds herself more and more drawn to Rafael Cueras, she wonders if there might be another solution…

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