Beverly Barton 3 Book Bundle

Beverly Barton 3 Book Bundle

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Three chilling page-turners from best-selling author Beverly Barton.In Close Enough to Kill a psychopath is on the loose. Dubbed “ The Secret Admirer” he woos his victims with love letters and gifts before murdering them. Can Sheriff Bernie Granger stop him before more women are killed?A brutal serial killer is on the lose in The Dying Game. Each victim is a former beauty queen, a single rose placed next to their mutilated bodies. Detective Linda McAllister must stop him as the body count is rising and nobody is safe …In The Murder Game a terrifying game is being played. He is the hunter. They are the prey. He gives them a chance to escape but eventually he captures them and then the game gets deadly. Whether you run or whether you hide he’ll find you. And then he’ll kill you …

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