The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations + Website, Eleventh Edition, 2016 Supplement

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The updated definitive reference for nonprofit tax law The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations is the classic reference for non-profit tax law, written by the most respected name in the field. Author Bruce R. Hopkins provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the taxation of exempt organizations to help both lawyers and managers make better-informed decisions regarding the actions and future of their organizations. This supplement includes the latest rulings, regulations, court opinions, and much more, including expanded discussion of the private benefit doctrine, integration of Treasury Department regulations, new rules for supporting organizations and donor-advised funds, and detailed guidance on nonprofit governance and nonprofit regional healthcare cooperatives. Written in plain English to facilitate quick and easy reference, this book is a vital part of any nonprofit's reference library. The laws pertaining to nonprofit organizations are constantly evolving, and keeping up to date with the changes may mean the difference between meeting organizational objectives or incurring costly penalties. Supplemented annually to provide a one-stop collection of pertinent updates, this book is an invaluable reference for all aspects of nonprofit law. Get up to date on the latest IRS rulings, regulatory changes, and court opinions Understand the legal guidelines relevant to your organization Become better-equipped to make short- and long-term strategy decisions Stay current on laws pertaining to governance, fund raising, business activities, and more This Eleventh Edition is an important revision and expansion to the definitive one-volume reference, and this supplement extends the utility by providing comprehensive coverage of changes and new developments. As both laws and organizations evolve, The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations is the definitive guide to nonprofit taxation and regulation.
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