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Wilderness Survival For Dummies

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Your one-stop guide to surviving and enjoying the Great Outdoors Want to know how to stay alive in extreme situations? This practical, accurate guide gives you all the expert, field-tested tools and techniques you need to survive. Whether you find yourself lost in the woods, adrift on a life raft, bitten by a snake, or needing shelter in cold weather, this hands-on resource teaches you how to stay safe (and sane), find rescue, and live to tell the tale! Know the basics of survival – perform life-saving first aid, make fire and shelter, and find water and food Manage your emotions – cope with panic and anger, get the «survivor's attitude,» and foster cooperation and hope with others Increase your chances of rescue – signal for help and navigate using a compass or the sky Practice expert survival methods – tie essential knots, craft your own weapons and tools, and make natural remedies Gain wisdom for water emergencies – stay afloat when your ship or boat sinks, avoid dehydration and starvation, and make it to shore Open the book and find: Common survival scenarios you may encounter Tried-and-tested advice for individuals or groups The items you need to stay alive Basic orientation skills Ways to keep warm or cool The best methods for building a fire in any environment What you can (and can't) eat and drink in the wild True stories of survival


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