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Loving Katherine
Carolyn Davidson

Loving Katherine
Carolyn Davidson

Roan Devereaux Could Gentle Any Filly With A Look And A Touch - but Kate Cassidy presented a real challenge. With her coltish grace and mile-wide stubborn streak, she was more woman than most men could handle - and exactly what he needed. Men were impulsive critters, Katherine Cassidy swore, and Roan Devereaux had only proved that when he'd up and asked Kate to marry him!It was a crazy idea - but no crazier than the sound of her heart singing "yes" in reply… !

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“Sweet stuff?”

Roan dropped his hands from her shoulders and gaped. “Is that what you call it when a man uses a plain little old word like honey instead of just callin’ you by name? Hasn’t anyone ever called you sweet names, Katherine?” he asked softly. “Haven’t there ever been any men hangin’ around, tryin’ to court you or just tryin’ to get your attention?”

Katherine spun back to face him, and her eyes were bleak. “Take a good look at me, Roan Devereaux! Do I look like the sort of woman men come to court? I’m sure not good-looking and I’m too plainspoken for most of the men hereabouts. What have I got to offer a man in his right mind?”

She was serious! By damn, she was! And here he’d been feeling like a randy, apple-cheeked boy around her!

Dear Reader,

In her second book for Harlequin Historicals, Loving Katherine, Carolyn Davidson tells the heartwarming story of an isolated farm woman who meets a man who is determined to overcome her mistrust and draw her out, despite her reluctance. Don’t miss this wonderful follow-up to her first novel for Harlequin, Gerrity’s Bride.

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Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mary McBride or have just discovered her, we know you’ll be delighted by her new book, Darling Jack, the touching tale of a handsome Pinkerton detective and the steady, unassuming Pinkerton file clerk who poses as his wife. And be sure to keep an eye out for multipublished author Ruth Langan’s Dulcie’s Gift, the prequel to the contemporary stories in the Harlequin cross-line continuity series, BRIDE’S BAY.


Tracy Farrell

Senior Editor

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Loving Katherine

Carolyn Davidson

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