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Texas Gold
Carolyn Davidson

Texas Gold
Carolyn Davidson

Faith Hudson Was Falling In Love With Her Husband!Her marriage was a disaster. Her husband was better off in Boston without her. It had been clear to her then, and it was even clearer now that she'd traveled west and made her home on a Texas ranch. She had no plans of ever returning.But Max Hudson wanted her back. It had taken him three years to find her, and he wasn't going home without her. It was a matter of principle.…Until he realized he was more in love with the woman Faith had become than he ever could have imagined. And that love just might be what Faith had needed all along.

“I think my wife knows me well enough to be assured of her own safety.”

The sheriff cut an inquiring look at Faith. “You’re sure?”

Faith nodded.

The sheriff mounted his gelding and swung the horse in a half circle. “I won’t stand for any shenanigans, McDowell. Miss Faith is under my protection, so long as she’s living in this county.”

Max shot him a glittering look from dark eyes that brooked no interference. “I think I heard my wife tell you I was not a harsh man, Sheriff. Isn’t that good enough for you?”

“Max…” The warning was clear, Faith’s use of his name drawing his attention and obliging Max to nod agreeably.

“Don’t worry about the lady,” Max said. “I’ve never hurt Faith before. And I’m certainly not about to change my ways.”

Texas Gold

Harlequin Historical #663

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—Publishers Weekly


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Texas Gold

Carolyn Davidson

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