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Texas Lawman
Carolyn Davidson

Texas Lawman
Carolyn Davidson

ONE NIGHT TOGETHER IN A TEXAS JAILIt was quite an introduction, but before sunrise, Sheriff Brace Caulfield knew Sarah Murphy was a woman to match him in every way. The amazing woman was so determined to rescue her nephew from abuse that she'd put herself smack in the middle of danger. All that would protect her now was an instant wedding–to Brace!A lucky star must have been shining in the wide Western sky the night Sarah Murphy tracked her no-account brother-in-law to Benning, Texas. There she met lawman Brace Caulfield, an imposing, arousing bear of a man who swore she'd be safe and happy-ever-after if she'd just say the words "I do"!

“You can’t arrest me, sir,” she told him, unmoving. “I didn’t break any laws.”

“Intent is reason enough for me to take you in for questioning.”

She tossed her head and the moonlight shimmered from dark hair, turning her skin to palest ivory, even as her eyes glittered with the reflection of starlight. “Hard up for a woman?” she asked softly.

“Now that you mention it,” he returned quietly, “I am…a little.”

“There’s no little about it,” she countered, “Either you’re on the prowl for a handy female, or you’re not.” Her chin lifted, a challenge he’d not thought to hear spewing from her lips.

“If you touch me, I swear I’ll kill you, Mr. Lawman. You can toss me in your jail cell if you like, but you better have a damn good reason for doing it.”

She was either a very brave woman or totally without good sense…!

Acclaim for Carolyn Davidson’s recent titles

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“Davidson uses her considerable skills to fashion a

plausible, first-class marriage-of-convenience romance.”

—Romantic Times

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“This deftly written novel about loss and recovery

is a skillful handling of the traditional Western,

with the added elements of family conflict

and a moving love story.”

—Romantic Times

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“Davidson wonderfully captures gentleness in

the midst of heart-wrenching challenges, portraying

the extraordinary possibilities that exist within

ordinary marital love.”

—Publishers Weekly

Texas Lawman

Carolyn Davidson

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To Erin and Bob Bittner, two of the lawmen of this day and age, who also happen to be very near and dear to my heart—this book is dedicated. May you find happiness together as you begin your walk through life as man and wife, and may God’s face shine upon you in all the years to come.

And to Mr. Ed, manager and husband of the year—every year—who loves me.


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