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The Forever Man
Carolyn Davidson

The Forever Man
Carolyn Davidson

Tate Montgomery Needed a New Life And Johanna Patterson was the kind of woman who could make him leave the past behind.But how would he ever convince this reclusive spinster to open up her heart to him and his boys? It seemed to Johanna that she had always been alone. Until the day that Tate Montgomery turned up at her farm with a ready-made family, and an offer that would change her life forever.

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“You shouldn’t be kissing me like that,”

Johanna said, breaking his hold as she stepped back.

“We’re married, Johanna,” Tate said. He reached to tug her shawl over her shoulders.

“Not really.” Her gaze fell from his, intent on the third button of his jacket.

“According to the law, we are.”

“You know what I mean, Tate. We have a bargain.”

He could barely stop his hands from fastening on her and hauling her into his arms. “I’m willing to make some changes in the deal we made.”

She turned from him and ducked her head. “I’m not, Tate.”

From the barn the noisy trumpet of the stallion sounded once more and Johanna’s shoulders stiffened at the sound. “You’d best find a secure place to hold that animal for the next two weeks, Mr. Montgomery. One male creature on the loose around here is about all we need…!”

Dear Reader,

Carolyn Davidson, author of Gerrity’s Bride and Loving Katherine, returns this month with a terrific new book, The Forever Man. This emotional story is about a reclusive spinster who, because of her past, has given up on love-until a marriage of convenience to a widower in search of a new life for himself and his two sons heals her broken heart and teaches her to trust in love again. Don’t miss this exciting new tale from one of our up-and-coming authors.

Sharon Schulze, one of the authors in this year’s March Madness Promotion, also returns this month with To Tame a Warrior’s Heart, a stirring medieval tale about a former mercenary and a betrayed noblewoman who overcome their shadowed pasts with an unexpected love. And in The Lieutenant’s Lady, her fourth book for Harlequin Historicals, author Rae Muir begins an exciting new Western series called THE WEDDING TRAIL. This month’s story is about a hard-luck soldier who returns home determined to marry the town “princess,” a woman who sees him as little more than a way out of an unwanted marriage.

USA Today bestselling author Ruth Langan is also out this month with Ruby, the next book in her ongoing series THE JEWELS OF TEXAS. Ruby is the delightful tale of a flirtatious young woman and the formidable town marshal who falls under her spell.

Whatever your tastes in reading, we hope you enjoy all four books, available wherever Harlequin Historicals are sold.


Tracy Farrell,

Senior Editor

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