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The Marriage Agreement
Carolyn Davidson

The Marriage Agreement
Carolyn Davidson

SCAMS AND SCALAWAGSwere all in a day's work for undercover government agent Gage Morgan. Songbird Lily Devereaux was not. No soiled dove, she was a lady in need of protection. But once vows were spoken, would he ever be able to let her go, as their marriage bargain allowed…and her troubled heart might demand?SONGS AND SECRETSwere Lily's shield against the world. A desperate act had brought her to dire straits aboard a Mississippi riverboat. Now singing for her supper was the least of her problems, for gambler Gage Morgan tempted her with an unusual way out. But could she wed him and bed him without the promise of love?

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,”

Gage said, reaching to grip her arms lest she fall into the water. “I just watched you here, with the breeze blowing your dress against your body, your hair tangled and curling over your shoulders, and I had to touch you.”

“Touch me?” She felt dazed from the desire blazing from the eyes of the man who held her.

“Only a bit,” he said softly, persuasively. “Like this.” His head bent and he kissed her, a sweet, seeking union of lips that made her breath catch in her throat. His hands held her, and she leaned forward until she was supported by the firm strength of the man.

“You draw me like a magnet, Lily.” He lifted his head and she felt the heat of his gaze, felt the beating of her heart in her throat and knew the wonder of being a woman….

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The Marriage Agreement

Carolyn Davidson

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The Marriage Agreement represented the end of a journey for me. I finally wrote the story of Yvonne Devereaux, the third of the Devereaux siblings.

She was what my editor and I called A Fallen Woman and, as such, one of those ladies who used to be kept in the closet. I loved Yvonne, found her to be honest, forthright and, above all, loyal to her family.

So what if she made some mistakes in her life? Don’t we all! So this book is dedicated to Lily, to all the Lilys who are a part of our families and who deserve all the love and respect we have to offer. I loved the Devereaux clan, and I hate to leave them, but they’ve all managed to find their way in this world and in the world of my imagination, so I have no choice.

To Mr. Ed, my own hero, and manager of all my affairs (yes, even that one) I offer my love and devotion for all time.



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Mississippi River

North of Memphis
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