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The Seduction Of Shay Devereaux
Carolyn Davidson

The Seduction Of Shay Devereaux
Carolyn Davidson

Shay Devereaux had been alone, angry and bereft of hope–until a deathbed plea had sent him into the arms of Jenny Pennington, the one woman who could resurrect him, heart and soul!Though the war had scarred her in places deep and secret, Jenny had refused to let it break her. Then, suddenly, Shay Devereaux rode into her life and her womanhood awakened, for this heaven-sent man without a past had brought her a future–filled with unimaginable love!

“I’ll live the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like….”

Her arm swept toward the shaded, grassy lawn. “I almost wish I hadn’t stopped you,” she whispered.

“Would you stop me now?” So softly she could barely hear the words, he whispered temptation in her ear. Leaning forward, ignoring the hand she thrust against his chest, he bent to her, his breath warm against her face.

She shivered, beguiled by the thought of his hands against her skin, lured by the dark splendor of his scarred face, enticed by the image of their coming together. And then she thought of the emptiness she would face, once she’d known the joy of loving Shay, only to have him walk away. It stretched before her, and she closed her eyes against the pain.

“Could you do that? Take everything I’ve offered you—and then walk away from me?”

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The Seduction of Shay Devereaux

Harlequin Historical #556


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The Seduction of Shay Devereaux

Carolyn Davidson

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