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The Texan
Carolyn Davidson

The Texan
Carolyn Davidson

U.S. Marshal Jonathan Cleary Was A Man With A Plan:After one last undercover assignment, he'd claim a corner of the wide Texas sky and get hitched to the wild and carefree woman of his dreams. But Fate, disguised as Augusta McBride, came calling with different ideas. Now his dream woman was a prim-and-proper miss…with shocking secrets!Augusta McBride Was Wedded To SpinsterhoodYet she'd somehow landed in front of a preacher, marrying a half-naked stranger–and relishing it! No doubt about it, the mysterious, marvelous Jonathan Cleary was a force of nature who couldn't be denied!

“Don’t be angry with me,” she said quietly

When she reached her hand out to touch his back he jerked and she curled her fingers inside her palm. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have touched you.”

He turned and his eyes burned with a dark fire she’d seen before. “You can touch me any damn time you want to, lady. Just know that when you do, it sets off a jolt of lightning inside me and I’m hard-pressed to keep my own hands where they belong.”

“Lightning?” Was that akin perhaps to the tingling sensation his fingers imposed on her when he gathered her close? When his lips touched hers and a flame arced from that spot to the depths of her body?

“Yeah. That’s what I said. I missed you for four days, Miss Augusta. I dreamed of you every time I crawled into bed. Spent some damn restless nights in fact. And you’re such an innocent you don’t even know what I’m talking about, do you?”

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The Texan

Carolyn Davidson

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Writing for Harlequin has been a privilege. Finding friends among the ranks of their historical authors has been a joy. To Cheryl St.John and Deb Hale, I offer my gratitude, for sharing your strength and wisdom over the past years. This book is for all y’all.

And to my manager, Mr. Ed.
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