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The Wedding Promise
Carolyn Davidson

The Wedding Promise
Carolyn Davidson

10TH ANNIVERSARY THE WAY WEST FOR RACHEL SINCLAIR LED STRAIGHT DOWN THE AISLE And into the arms of a man she barely knew! But Cord McPherson had taken her and her brothers in when trouble struck along the trail. And Rachel believed in her heart that this marriage of convenience would grow into a bond more precious than gold.An instant family wasn't something Cord McPherson had planned on acquiring, but the sight of Rachel protecting her brothers told him she was plenty strong enough to be his bride. And he was good and ready to make their promise to each other last a lifetime.

Table of Contents

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Dedication (#u5d866bba-2434-5006-b780-9898b15f4c4e)

Excerpt (#u831be12d-7a4a-5204-9658-f2cb71e03779)

Prologue (#u71e61662-8d04-5d1a-8870-3a726171726d)

Chapter One (#uc368659a-7493-589a-8c12-225e3ff565c3)

Chapter Two (#ue84fc10b-1ea9-51e9-a16d-b4cd84105485)

Chapter Three (#u70e62560-5a9d-58f7-9d33-5d5cca4cecb8)

Chapter Four (#u4e63b029-d4a3-55c0-ab60-04981063df7a)

Chapter Five (#u8adaa908-5f78-5352-a5a4-478cd95d402e)

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