Miss Charlotte Surrenders

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A fan-favorite story from bestselling Harlequin American Romance author Cathy Gillen Thacker!She Was a Lady…Miss Charlotte Langston needs to focus on saving her family's languishing estate. The once-gorgeous plantation is facing foreclosure unless Charlotte can earn money for the next payment. What she doesn't need is the distraction of Brett Forrest, her sexy new caretaker, who is doing his best to make her forget her Southern manners!But He Was No Gentleman!Brett isn't who he says he is, but hiding right under Charlotte's nose seems like the perfect deception. The Southern belle could easily earn the money she needs by exposing him as the reclusive writer of a series of popular novels. But it's much more fun to tempt her with hot kisses and feed the sparks that fly between them! What will happen, though, when the independent Charlotte finds out he's about to buy the place from under her?

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