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Charlene Sands
Expecting The Cowboy's Baby

Expecting The Cowboy's Baby
Charlene Sands

The passionate encounter with a compelling cowboy - a championship rodeo rider - was completely out of character for the straitlaced Cassie Munroe.She thought she could walk away from it - from him - without a backward glance. But then she encountered him again, on a secluded Nevada ranch, and realized she was carrying his child…. Jake Griffin wasn't the kind of man a woman could expect to settle down.And yet he wanted to marry her, strictly for the sake of the baby. But she was coming to realize that she wanted so much more than this hard, solitary man was offering her - and she couldn't bring herself to settle for less….

“Do I Know You?”

Cassie had recognized him right away. That smile, that handsome face.

Cassie stood frozen for a moment, taking note of the man Jake Griffin had become. From the look of him, he’d done a great job of keeping his body intact. Yards of hard muscle and his sure-enough attitude probably kept the ladies lining up.

Jake Griffin had been the first boy to disappoint her…leading to a world-class string of bad choices when it came to the opposite sex. Cassie had a penchant for attracting troubled men.

“I’d better get going,” she said. The fact that he didn’t recognize her did nothing for her ego.

“Hate to let you go before I’ve figured out how I know you,” Jake said.

But Cassie was praying that he wouldn’t remember her. If she hadn’t known him, she might have stayed to chat with the handsome calf roper. But she did know him, and alarm bells were ringing loud and clear in her head.

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Melissa Jeglinski

Senior Editor, Silhouette Desire

Expecting the Cowboy’s Baby

Charlene Sands


resides in Southern California with her husband, Don, and two children, Jason and Nikki. She’s also the mother of two very spoiled cats, Skittles and Snickers, who basically rule the house. When not writing, she enjoys Pacific beaches, sitting down with a good book and, of course, happy endings!

She loves to hear from her readers. Contact her at charlenesands@hotmail.com or enter her contests at www.charlenesands.com.

To my author friends, who inspire,

support and encourage me each and every day.

To Tanya Hanson—

new author, friend and “drive” buddy.

I enjoy our times together.

To Debbie Decker—

who always has a smile and a kind word.

Your bubbly laughter is contagious!

To Barbara McCauley—

whose advice, help and friendship

is always appreciated.

To Sandra Madden—

my first and only real critique partner.

Wish you continued success.

And to the authors I hope to meet one day.

You got me hooked!

LaVyrle Spencer, Sandra Brown,

Janet Evanovich and Kathleen Woodiwiss.


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