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Charlene Sands
The Heart of a Cowboy

“I thought so, too,” Bobbi Sue said then pointed to a seat on the porch in the shade. “Take a load off, Case. Sarah’s about through, just a few more gifts to open then we’ll have cake. Won’t be but another half an hour.”

Case planted himself down with plate in hand. “Don’t mind if I do,” he said, thanking Bobbi Sue, then winking at Sarah. “You go on and finish up, darlin’. I’ll wait.”

Sarah was handed the next gift, a pretty pink and blue basket. She glanced into the crowd of her friends and smiled tentatively. They seemed to have one eye on Case and the other on her, waiting and watching. For what exactly, Sarah didn’t know but so many of her friends were nodding approval or casting her undisguised smirks.

One hour later, Sarah gave Bobbi Sue a big hug. “Thanks so much,” she said, stepping out onto the front steps. “I don’t think the baby will be wanting for a thing now.”

“Nope, I don’t think so. I’m glad the shower was such a success. You deserve every good thing that comes along, Sarah.”

Sarah sighed and patted her belly. “The baby is all I need now, Bobbi Sue. It’ll be the best thing that comes along in my lifetime.”

Bobbi Sue looked out onto the front yard, where Carl was helping Case load the gifts up into the bed of his truck. “There’s nothing like a child, Sarah, that’s true. My little Maureen has brought us nothing but joy, even if she’s still resisting going to school every day. But honey, don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got a whole lot of living yet to do. And looks to me, there’s more than just one good thing in store for you in this life.”

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