Dark, Devastating & Delicious!: The Marriage Medallion / Between Duty and Desire / Driven to Distraction

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The Marriage Medallion by Christine Rimmer The man who stood before her was her temptation – and her destiny. Prince Eric Greyfell knew that Brit Thorson was the woman he was destined to spend eternity with. Now, if he could just put an end to her incessant questions! For she was sure that he was keeping secrets…Between Duty and Desire by Leanne BanksBound by a promise made to a fallen comrade, Brock Armstrong had to seek out the man’s widow. Conversations and shared letters meant Brock knew Callie Newton’s every like, dislike…and her every desire. Soon he acknowledged he wanted her in his bed…in his life…forever.Driven to Distraction by Dixie Browning Columnist Maggie Riley planned to write a scathing exposé about a scam artist. But fate landed her against the hard chest of lawman Ben Hunter. In close contact, Maggie couldn’t resist Ben’s brooding eyes – not to mention the rest of him! Keeping their hands to themselves was pure torture!

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