Pregnant!: Prince and Future...Dad? / Expecting! / Millionaire Cop & Mum-To-Be

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Prince and Future…Dad? by Christine Rimmer Princess Liv Thorson was going back to America, her uncharacteristic night of passion a secret known only to the prince she hadn’t been able to resist. Until the telltale signs that she and Finn Danelaw had made a lot more than love…Expecting! by Susan Mallery Hannah was pregnant and alone, until she met old flame Eric Mendoza again. Tall, dark, devastating…and a career bachelor. Hannah had the perfect job lined up for her sexy executive…as dad!Millionaire Cop & Mum-To-Be by Charlotte Hughes When Katie Jones was left at the altar, childhood friend and millionaire cop Neil Logan proposed – he said it was for her unborn baby’s sake. But how could Katie settle for that when the passion between them was so hot, hot, hot!

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