Barefoot and Pregnant?

Barefoot and Pregnant?

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SHE HAD EVERYTHING A GIRL COULD WANT–EXCEPT A HUSBAND!So career-girl Elise Montgomery turned to The Husband Finder, a trendy guidebook, to locate one. Only, according to the manual, her choice–sexy farmer Zane Keaton–was definitely Mr. Wrong! Yet, after a few of Zane's knee-weakening kisses, Elise wondered if he might be marriage material after all….AVOID FEMALES WHO MISTAKEMARRIAGE FOR MERGER AND ACQUISITION!That had been Zane's motto…until he met Rise. Although sweet, sassy and seductive, Elise was too ambitious to be Zane's ideal wife, or was she? And what would it take to get Elise to say yes to a lifetime of domestic bliss?

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