Nerve Center

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Hidden in the Nevada desert is Americas most advanced aerospace weapons-testing facility. Dreamland is the place where the nations top minds come to develop artillery and aircraft that push beyond the cutting edge. And where the Air Forces top guns come to test them  on the front lines of a new era in warfareAs politicians push for more budget cuts, Colonel Dog Bastian must do what he can to salvage a key experimental program known as ANTARES  a method of merging electronic data with a pilots natural senses. In need of quick results, a test pilot is hooked into the system  a system that allows him to operate several planes at once directly from his brain. But when he can no longer distinguish reality from computer-induced delusions, Dreamlands worst nightmare comes to life.   Praise for Dale Browns Dreamland: Few novelists can craft an aerial battle scene more strategically than former U.S. Air Force Captain Brown, and he and DeFelice are in fine form here.  Publishers Weekly

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