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Diana Wynne Jones’s Fantastical Journeys Collection
Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones’s Fantastical Journeys Collection
Diana Wynne Jones

Come on a journey through the magical worlds of the award-winning Diana Wynne Jones. This exclusive ebook collection of three titles contains A Tale of Time City, The Homeward Bounders, and her final published novel (completed by her sister Ursula Jones), The Islands of Chaldea.Welcome to the world of Diana Wynne Jones, where magical characters take fantastical journeys through lands, space and time.The Islands of Chaldea was Diana’s last published novel and was completed by her sister Ursula Jones. Aileen is convinced she’ll never become a Wise Woman like her Aunt Beck. But when they’re sent on an impossible mission together, Aileen realises she might be more special than she thought…In A Tale From Time City, Vivian Smith is evacuated from London in 1939, but instead of staying in the countryside is kidnapped by two boys and whisked away to the mysterious Time City. More importantly, they seem to expect her to be able to save it…And in The Homeward Bounders, when Jamie wanders into the world of the sinister Them, playing games with human’s lives, he is banished to the boundaries of the worlds. Doomed to wander until he can find his way home, Jamie bands with other lost children to try and thwart Their plans. But can they really beat The Game?Winner of numerous accolades including the Guardian Award, Diana’s stories are loved by generations of children and adults and she was hailed by Neil Gaiman as ‘the best writer of magic there is’.










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The Islands of Chaldea

Text copyright © Diana Wynne Jones and Ursula Jones 2014

Map copyright © Sally Taylor 2014

Cover art © Zdenko Basic 2014

A Tale of Time City

Text copyright © Diana Wynne Jones 1987

Illustrations copyright © David Wyatt 2000

The Homeward Bounders

Text copyright © Diana Wynne Jones 1981

Illustrations copyright © David Wyatt 2000

Collection cover design © HarperCollins Publishers 2015

The authors and illustrators assert the moral right to be identified as the authors and illustrators of this work.

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The Islands of Chaldea: 9780007549191 A Tale of Time City: 9780007439706 The Homeward Bounders: 9780007499991

Ebook Bundle Edition © JANUARY 2015 ISBN: 9780008127398

Version: 2014-12-18

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