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Elaine Tarone
Literacy and Second Language Oracy

Literacy and Second Language Oracy
Martha Bigelow

Elaine Tarone

Oxford Applied Linguistics
This book offers research evidence documenting the significant impact of low literacy skill on adolescents' processing of oral L2 input and acquisition.

Elaine Tarone, Martha Bigelow, Kit Hansen

Literacy and Second Language Oracy

Published in this series:

BACHMAN: Fundamental Considerations in Language Testing

BACHMAN and PALMER: Language Testing in Practice

BRUMFIT: Individual Freedom and Language Teaching

BRUMFIT and CARTER (eds.): Literature and Language Teaching

CANAGARAJAH: Resisting Linguistic Imperialism in Language Teaching

COHEN and MACARO (eds.): Language Learner Strategies

COOK: Discourse and Literature

COOK: Language Play, Language Learning

COOK and SEIDLHOFER (eds.): Principle and Practice in Applied Linguistics

DÖRNYEI: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

DÖRNYEI: The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition

ELLIS: Second Language Acquisition Research and Language Teaching

ELLIS: Task-based Language Learning and Teaching

ELLIS: The Study of Second Language Acquisition (2nd edn.)

ELLIS: Understanding Second Language Acquisition

ELLIS and BARKHUIZEN: Analysing Learner Language

FOTOS and NASSAJI (eds.): Form-focused Instruction and Teacher Education

HOLLIDAY: The Struggle to Teach English as an International Language

HOWATT: A History of English Language Teaching

JENKINS: English as a Lingua Franca

JENKINS: The Phonology of English as an International Language

KERN: Literacy and Language Teaching

KRAMSCH: Context and Culture in Language Teaching

LANTOLF (ed.): Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning

LANTOLF and THORNE: Sociocultural Theory and the Genesis of Second Language Development

LARSEN-FREEMAN and CAMERON: Complex Systems and Applied Linguistics

MACKEY (ed.): Conversational Interaction in Second Language Acquisition

MEINHOF: Language Learning in the Age of Satellite Television

NATTINGER and DECARRICO: Lexical Phrases and Language Teaching

PHILLIPSON: Linguistic Imperialism

SEIDLHOFER (ed.): Controversies in Applied Linguistics

SELIGER and SHOHAMY: Second Language Research Methods

SKEHAN: A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning

STERN: Fundamental Concepts of Language Teaching

STERN (eds. P. ALLEN and B. HARLEY): Issues and Options in Language Teaching

TARONE and YULE: Focus on the Language Learner

WIDDOWSON: Aspects of Language Teaching

WIDDOWSON: Defining Issues in English Language Teaching

WIDDOWSON: Practical Stylistics

WIDDOWSON: Teaching Language as Communication

WRAY: Formulaic Language

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