The Napoleon of Notting Hill

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Meet Auberon Quin. He is a man to whom the world is a punchline; a dangerous man, for he cares for nothing but a joke. And meet Adam Wayne – to whom the joke is quite serious. When Quin is appointed King of England, he decides to turn London into a medieval carnival for his own amusement. When Adam Wayne is appointed Provost of Notting Hill, he proposes to be patriotic about it and takes the new order of things seriously, organizing a Notting Hill army to fight invaders from other neighborhoods. Amidst the chaos of confusion, the stirring speeches, the epic battles, and the all-pervading Chesterton wit, The Napoleon of Notting Hill is a cry for renewed life in a deadened world – a call that compels mankind to fight for the small things, if only for the sake of fighting for something.

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