Аудиокнига When The Dog Dies: Series 4

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Ronnie Corbett returns for the final series of the sitcom that reunites him with the writers of his hit comedy Sorry - Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent. Granddad Sandy Hopper is happily growing old with his dog Henry and his lodger Dolores. But his children think Dolores is a gold-digger, and are keen for Sandy to downsize - something he promises he'll do 'when the dog dies'. In the meantime, he's busy providing a guiding hand to his family, and helping out when (frequent) emergencies occur. In these six episodes, Dolores goes to live with her new man, leaving Sandy feeling bereft. In addition, he has to deal with both Henry and Calais running away; losing his memory (but remembering some things that are best forgotten); holdingauditions for The Sound of Music and Henry's increasingly odd behaviour (why is he chewing the piano leg?). Could it finally be time for Sandy to do what he's spent four series avoiding - downsize? Ronnie Corbett stars as Sandy, with Liza Tarbuck as Dolores in this fourth and final series of the popular BBC Radio 4 sitcom. Playing time: 3 hrs approx.

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