Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

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A sparkling novel by the bestselling author of THE VERY PICTURE OF YOU and A VINTAGE AFFAIR.Faith has arranged a surprise party at a West London restaurant to celebrate fifteen years of marriage to her publisher husband Peter. They have a lot to be thankful for – including two teenage children and the knowledge that, at thirty-five, they’ve hammered out an enduring partnership that, at this age, many of their contemporaries are only just themselves embarking upon.But something is niggling at Faith. A casual, barbed comment by her bitchy magazine editor friend Lily makes her wonder whether her world is as wonderful as it seems on the surface. Peter has been behaving slightly oddly recently – but is this purely because of stress at work?As the kernel of unease swells and begins to burgeon inside her, Faith finds herself on a quest that leads to a shake-up of everything she holds dear – but which, in the end, enables her to reforge her life.

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