The Making of Minty Malone

The Making of Minty Malone

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A sparkling novel by the bestselling author of THE VERY PICTURE OF YOU and A VINTAGE AFFAIR.Everyone likes radio reporter Minty – she’s so terribly nice. But being nice doesn’t save her from being jilted at the very altar by her attractive but domineering fiancé Dominic.Ditched rather than hitched, a shocked Minty takes stock, and, on her husbandless honeymoon, she vows to become just a little less ‘nice’, and sets out on a Quest for the Self, in which she will finally learn how to say ‘No’.But Dominic’s devastating desertion has left her with an unhealed wound, which opens up again when Minty stumbles upon the real reason for Dominic’s dreadful defection. Faced with the ugly truth, she prepares to move on, let go, and learn how to say ‘Yes’ once more.

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