Breaking The Rules
Jamie Denton

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Breaking The Rules
Jamie Denton

Good Girls Don't#1 Ditch a loyal fianc&#233!#2 Run away from the wedding!#3 Move in with a sexy rescuer!In the space of twelve hours Carly Cassidy does that…and more. Tired of being good and feeling trapped, she's going to start over. And if that means breaking a few rules…hey, who better than with bad boy Cooper Wilde?The ex-navy SEAL is not sure he's ready for a walk on the wild side with the curvy blonde. Except soon Carly's taken possession of his bed…and his heart. Yet Cooper knows all this rule breaking can only lead to heartbreak….

Rule #13: A lady would never initiate advances on a man…

Carly couldn’t explain what came over her. “I’m tired of following the rules, Coop,” she whispered in a husky voice as she slipped into his arms.

She held her breath, then moaned softly when he traced his tongue over her bottom lip.

“You’re bad news,” he said roughly as he captured her mouth in a kiss so deep and wet she trembled.

His tongue slid across hers. He tasted like peppermint, and a whole lot like man. Tiny shivers of delight rippled through her. Her nipples beaded against the satin of her bra, the sensation adding to the heat Cooper so effortlessly fanned into a three-alarm blazing inferno.

He lifted his head and she looked into his eyes, feeling a wealth of pleasure ribbon through her at the heat in his gaze.

“Make love to me, Cooper,” she murmured. Another rule broken. But she was beyond caring.

“Maybe I have rules about things like that…. We’ve only known each other a short time, sweetheart.”

The smile curving her sexy, very kissable mouth was filled with sass. “Well, then we better make up for lost time!”

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you suddenly found yourself completely free? Would you break every rule you’d ever learned and establish your own laws? Most of us wouldn’t dream of doing anything quite so rash, but that’s exactly what Carly Cassidy does when she runs away from her own wedding and the man she doesn’t love.

Carly runs right into The Wilde Side, a local Chicago tavern, and Cooper Wilde, a man convinced Carly has more brass than brains—until she devises an outrageous plan to help him save the place from bankruptcy, and steals his heart in the process.

I hope you enjoy Carly and Cooper’s “rule-breaking” romance! And I hope last month you enjoyed meeting Carly’s sister Jill and her sexy hero in #793, Rules of Engagement.

Happy reading,

Jamie Denton

P.S.: You can write to me at or P.O. Box 224, Mohall, ND 58761-0224.

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Breaking the Rules

Jamie Denton (

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Rule 1: A lady never cries in public.

FOR THE FIRST time in her life, Carly Cassidy broke the rules, and what had it gotten her? Nothing but trouble, she realized, sitting in her defunct Ford Escort in an unfamiliar city where she knew absolutely no one, and harboring more guilt than any mother—Jewish, Catholic or otherwise—could possibly inflict.

Knowing that she’d disappointed so many people did that to a person, she thought. Her gaze slid to the open doorway of a corner bar. If they had a pay phone, she could call a tow truck. Guilt and regret were tough enough to swallow without adding desperation to her already overloaded emotions. But then again, she had run away from her own wedding and spent hours gazing out at the sailboats on Lake Michigan. She’d bet not a single one of the occupants soaking up the warmth of the midday sun experienced one iota of the shame and disappointment she felt. By the time the sun started to set she still hadn’t found the relief that she had made the right decision.

Raucous rock music drifted from the open doorway of the neighborhood tavern, snagging her attention. The only other sign of life in the older section of Chicago came from a closed market halfway down the block with a dim light spilling onto the pavement. She turned in the seat and looked behind her toward the market for a pay phone, seeing nothing more than a stretch of pavement and darkened storefronts. She couldn’t very well sit in the car all night.

“Oh sweet Mary,” she muttered. She was an adult. She had every right to walk into that bar and use the phone, and even order a drink if she wanted. So why was she hesitating?
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