North of Nowhere, South of Loss
Janette Turner Hospital

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North of Nowhere, South of Loss
Janette Turner Hospital

A brilliant collection of stories from the critically-acclaimed author of OYSTER and DUE PREPARATIONS FOR THE PLAGUE.Janette Tuner Hospital’s stories have won widespread acclaim for their intellectual depth and narrative energy. In these poignant stories, characters oscillate between estrangement and a sense of belonging.

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His voice came out of the black space between the two projectors. When a slide slipped off the wall, dropping into nowhere, the tiered funnel of the lecture theatre was so dark that the darkness seemed to rub itself against her, furry, like the legs of spiders. She shivered. Then a bubble of light would come, a coloured diagram or a photograph would appear on the screen straight ahead but below her, and words would unfold themselves on the other screen, the one that was angled across a corner of the room, high up, and therefore eye-level with the tier where she sat. She would see him then for a moment, shadowy, a juggler of ideas, images, impenetrable words, remote control buttons, a magician waving his arms in the twilight cast by the screens.

I watched her watching him.

She was trying to explain him to herself.

I watched how she held onto her own body, arms hugged tightly, and how she kept shivering (it looked like shivering) in the sweltering airless room.
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