Bubble Gum Thief

Аудиокнига Bubble Gum Thief

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Special Agent Dagny Gray is smart, athletic, and fearless. Shes also fragile,   depressed, and anorexic. If she doesnt get healthy soon, the FBI will drop herand   shell never have a chance to end the crime spree of the so-called bubble gum   thief. It all started with the theft of a pack of gum, and the ominous note he left   behind: THIS IS MY FIRST CRIME. MY NEXT WILL BE BIGGER. Every two weeks, he delivers   on this pledge, committing a bigger crime, and promising that the next will be even   worse. When petty theft gives way to bloody murder, the stakes become clear. He may   have begun with the smallest crime possible, but hes building toward the biggest   crime imaginable. Theres a method to the gum thiefs madness, and Special Agent Dagny Gray knows   she can figure it outif the Bureau will let her. But will it be in time to prevent   the cataclysmic finale of his escalating spree?

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