A Little Time In Texas

A Little Time In Texas

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Angela Taylor owes her life to the Texas Ranger who rescued her from a band of no-good renegades. The problem is that he'd pulled her out of danger–and straight into the twentieth century. Now Angela's as far from Texas, 1864, as she could be, stuck with a disbelieving man too handsome from her own good. She's either a woman out of time…or completely out of her mind. Dallas Masterson isn't sure what to believe.From her crazy clothes to her feisty ways, he's almost convinced that this sassy, smart-mouthed woman fought Comanches, buried her fiance, ran from the law and stole to survive…especially when she steals his horse to try and get back to the cave where he found her.Now, both Angela and Dallas are discovering that when it comes to things like the past–and falling in love–there's no place to go but the future.

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