Services for UMTS

Services for UMTS

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UMTS is not about Technology, it is about Services… The UMTS or 3G environment is the ultimate convergence of fixed and mobile, voice and data, content and delivery. The result will be the largest and most complex communications system that man has designed. If you want a challenge then this is the industry to be in. Services for UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) or 3G (3rd Generation mobile networks) is a book about the near future, where UMTS allows mobile phones and other devices for communication, entertainment, personalised services, utility and fun to be used in new ways. While it is difficult to predict the potential of UMTS in the future in a precise way, broad categories and general service ideas are emerging. This book looks at over 200 of these possible applications and provides more detailed scenarios for over 100 of them. It explores these ideas in depth, with suggestions on how to create exciting and viable services for a new world. This book intends to answer many of the current UMTS service questions as well as introduce new ideas and concepts to enable operators to create a winning UMTS services strategy. * What should the focus of service creation be to ensure early time to profit in UMTS? * What are the key market segments that should be addressed with UMTS services? * Is there a killer application or applications that will revolutionise the industry? * What are the differentiating factors that will separate the leaders from the UMTS pack? * 15 aspects of the business analyzed by value chains and business models * The 5 M's of successful UMTS Service Definition Written for the non-technical reader and with a strong business focus, Services for UMTS is a «must-read» for anybody wanting to enter the UMTS environment, make money in it, or to understand it.

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