Аудиокнига Josie Long's All Of The Planet's Wonders Propriety, Plants, Grandparents, And Growing Your Own (BBC Radio 4 Comedy)

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The fourth and final episode, 'Propriety, Plants, Grandparents, and Growing Your Own', of the BBC Radio 4 comedy series, 'All of the Planet's Wonders', in which award-winning comedian Josie Long attempts to better herself through learning from reference books, with help from Irish comedian Maeve Higgins. Originally broadcast 11 March 2009 and repeated on 31 December 2010.  The final episode, 'Propriety, Plants, Grandparents, and Growing Your Own' sees Josie presenting a show about propriety, plants, grandparents, being connected to the world around you and growing your own food.  This programme features a guest appearance from actress and comedian Isy Suttie.

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