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Borrowed Identity
Kasi Blake

Kelly spotted Michael over the other man’s shoulder and relief spread through her body, warming her. She hated the thought of being vulnerable and didn’t want to be in anyone’s debt, but there was a tiny guilty pleasure that came with being rescued. Michael was her very own hero, strong and courageous. He could handle the skinny man with one hand tied behind his back.

“You should stay out of this,” the stranger said.

Michael stepped closer and the man’s eyes almost bugged out of his head. He claimed to have seen Michael in town, but he looked like he’d just come across an unfamiliar and dangerous creature. He moved to the side, putting distance between them.

Michael held out his hand. “Show me your identification.”


“You heard me.” Michael snapped his fingers. “A driver’s license. State identification card. Anything with a name and picture on it will do.” His dark eyebrows rose. “Do you need help finding your wallet? I don’t mind getting it myself.” He moved nearer, closing in on him.

The stranger relinquished his wallet without another protest.

Michael flipped it open and read the name aloud.

“Elvin Grant.” Michael handed the wallet back. “Okay, Elvin Grant, if I see you around here again I’ll have the local authorities run your name through their computers. A man like you must have an interesting past.”

“You’ll regret this.”

“No,” Michael said with confidence. “You’ll regret it if you harass the lady again.”

The stranger scurried off, leaving Kelly and Michael standing on the porch in an uncomfortable silence. Kelly didn’t know what to say. A quiet thank-you didn’t seem enough. She was certain Michael had saved her from harm.

Boomer barked happily and wagged his tail.

“Has that guy hassled you before?” Michael asked.

“Over the phone,” she admitted.

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