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Bulletproof Hearts

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Bulletproof Hearts
Kay Thomas

The discovery that her brother was the victim of a hit-and-run murder leads Abigail Trevor on a deadly hunt for answers–and straight into a killer's web. Her only protection comes from raw instinct, a cryptic video message and a dangerously sexy military bodyguard who seems too good to be true.Private security specialist Shaun Logan doesn't want to care whether Abby trusts him or not. But in order to protect her, he needs to keep her close–very close. Keeping his hands off the feisty blonde is going to be tough, but he knows it's a line he shouldn't cross. After all, his focus needs to be on the shocking truths he continues to unravel–and the deadly force tracking Abby's every desperate attempt at escape.

Abigail’s eyes fluttered open. “What…what happened?”

Shaun’s heart started beating again.

“Someone broke in.” He pulled off his dress shirt, wondering if his voice sounded normal.

“Who? Did you get the computer? Why are you undressing?”

“No. They have it. And I’m taking off my T-shirt to clean your face.”

“Oh…” Coughing more vigorously, she tried to sit up, but he pushed her back down before pulling his shirt over his head. “Who’s they?”

“I don’t know. Do you always ask this many questions?” He didn’t intend to answer so sharply, but he was still getting his equilibrium back at almost getting them both killed.

“No, I just… Sorry,” she muttered.

He stopped and looked into her eyes. “No, Abigail, I’m the one who’s sorry. I almost got you killed for the second time today.”

Her eyes filled with tears. “I don’t really see it that way, you know. I think you just saved my life for the second time.”

Bulletproof Hearts

Kay Thomas

www.millsandboon.co.uk (http://www.millsandboon.co.uk)

For Tom, for everything.


Having grown up in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Kay Thomas considers herself a “recovering” Southern belle. She attended Vanderbilt and graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in educational psychology and an emphasis in English. Along the way to publication, she taught high school, worked in an advertising specialty agency and had a very brief stint in a lingerie store.

Kay met her husband in Dallas when they sat next to each other in a restaurant. Seven weeks later they were engaged. Twenty years later she claims the moral of that story is “When in Texas look the guy over before you sit next to him, because you may be eating dinner with him the rest of your life!” Today she still lives in Dallas with her Texan, their two children and a shockingly spoiled Boston terrier named Jack.

Kay is thrilled to be writing for Harlequin Intrigue and would love to hear from her readers. Visit her at her website, www.kaythomas.net (http://www.kaythomas.net), or drop her a line at P.O. Box 837321, Richardson, TX 75083.


Abigail Trevor—A professor of Southern literature attending her brother’s funeral in Washington, D.C. When Abby finds out her brother’s hit-and-run accident was murder, she is forced to trust a mysterious stranger to ensure her own safety.

Shaun Logan—Raised in Ireland, Shaun now works in the U.S. as a contract bodyguard security specialist for Zip Technologies. His job is to keep Abby safe, but can he do that and discover who really killed her brother?

Jason Trevor—Abby’s brother and the creator of Zip-Net, a completely secure internet wireless protocol. Was he killed for it?

Michael Donner—CEO and founder of Zip Technologies, also Shaun’s boss. Famous in the business world for his philanthropy and business sense, Michael is about to sign the deal of a lifetime if Shaun and Abby can find the answers he needs.

Karen Weathers—Abby’s mentor and friend currently living in a Dallas rehab facility due to a stroke. Will she be used as a pawn while Abby and Shaun look for clues?

Harlan Jeffries—Shaun’s best friend from Iraq. Can Harlan help Shaun keep Abby safe?

Hodges—Reports to Michael Donner. Shaun has worked with him before at Zip Technologies.


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