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I cant stop thinking bigInternational bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson teams up with Rush lyricist and drummer Neil Peart to expand the story set out in Clockwork Angels, the twentieth studio album by the legendary rock band.All the journeys of this great adventureIt didnt always feel that wayFor more than two centuries, the land of Albion has been ruled by the supposedly benevolent Watchmaker, who imposes precision on every aspect of life. Young Owen Hardy from the village of Barrel Arbor dreams of seeing the big city and the breathtaking Clockwork Angels that dispense wisdom to the people, maybe even catching a glimpse of the Watchmaker himself. I was brought up to believeHe watches the steamliners drift by, powered by alchemical energy, as they head toward Crown Citynever dreaming that he is already caught between the grandiose forces of order and chaos, between the Watchmaker and his nemesis, the Anarchist.Owens journeys begin at a fabulous carnival with clockwork wonders beyond his imagination, and take him aboard airships, far into the Redrock Desert to seek lost cities, through storms at sea to encounters with piratesand give him a chance at love.Clockwork Angels: The Novel is a remarkable, innovative story unlike any other.The basis for this novel, Clockwork Angels: The Album by Rush, is available now at

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