Death Warmed Over

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Ever since the Big Uneasy unleashed vampires, werewolves, and other undead denizens on the world, its been hell being a detective   especially for zombie P.I. Dan Chambeaux. Taking on the creepiest of cases in the Unnatural Quarter with a human lawyer for a partner and a ghost for a girlfriend, Chambeaux redefines dead on arrival. But just because he was murdered doesnt mean hed leave his clients in the lurch. Besides, zombies are so good at lurching. Now hes back from the dead and back in business  with a caseload thats downright unnatural. A resurrected mummy is suing the museum that put him on display. Two witches, victims of a curse gone terribly wrong, seek restitution from a publisher for not using spell check on its magical tomes. And hes got to figure out a very personal question  Who killed him?For Dan Chambeaux, its all in a days work. (Still, does everybody have to call him Shamble?) Funny, fresh, and irresistible, this cadaverous caper puts the P.I. in R.I.P. with a vengeance.   Wickedly funny, deviously twisted and enormouslysatisfying. This is a big juicy bite of zombie goodness. Two decaying thumbs up!  Jonathan MaberryThe Dan Shamble books are great fun.  Simon R. Green

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