Royal Christmas: Royal Love-Child, Forbidden Marriage

Royal Christmas: Royal Love-Child, Forbidden Marriage

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Snowkissed and seduced – by royal decree!The Royal Love-Child! Once Phoebe Wells was offered $50,000 to leave the Amarnes palace. She refused. Now the past is back to haunt her and she will have to stand fast once again…The Regal Wedding! Kayleen James is determined to safeguard her orphaned students – even if it means defying Prince As’as of El Deharia! But the seductive sheikh offers to adopt the three little girls. On one condition… The Christmas Coronation!The moment Prince Nicolas saw Alandra Sanchez, he wanted her for his mistress. He will stop at nothing to satisfy his lust, including seducing her with a little royal treatment. Experience a lavish Christmas seduction you’ll never forget…

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