Collins Dictionary Of Surnames: From Abbey to Mutton, Nabbs to Zouch
Leslie Dunkling

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Crousier, Crouziersee CROZIER.

Crowther, Crewther, Crother, Crothers, Crowder (Eng) Occupational name of someone who played the ‘crowd’ or ‘rote,’ a kind of fiddle used by medieval minstrels, from Welsh crwth, Irish cruit. In Scottish Gaelic this led to MacChruiteir which in turn gave MACCHRUTTER, MACWHIRTER.

Crozier, Crosier, Croisier, Croizier, Croser, Crosser, Crousier, Crouzier (Eng, Fre) Occupational name of a maker or seller of crosses; or a man who carried a cross of bishop’s crook in ecclesiastical processions; or from residence near a roadside cross. Professor Dauzat has also suggested that the name could refer to someone living at a place where roads crossed.

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