Hot On His Trail
Linda Winstead Jones

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Hot On His Trail
Linda Winstead Jones

The trial was supposed to be television reporter Shea Sinclair's big break - her chance to show the world she wasn't just some empty-headed "weather girl.”Then she became the story when Nick Taggert, a contractor on trial for murder, bolted from the courtroom and took her with him - at gunpoint…. But she soon found herself an all-too-willing "hostage.” This man was dangerous, all right - especially to a woman who looked too long into those beautiful blue eyes of his - but he was no murderer.And she intended to help him prove it. Because when they were finished running from the law, she was going to make him her prisoner - for life….

“You should be in bed,” Shea said when her heartbeat settled down. “You’ve been shot, remember?”

She tried her hardest not to stare at Nick’s bare chest. A man shouldn’t look so good in nothing but a pair of jeans, she thought.

“So should you,” he said.

“I haven’t been shot,” she countered.

But she might have been, she remembered. “Would you really have shot me back there?” she asked in a soft voice.

He hesitated, then said, “Probably.” Something smoldered in his eyes, and she realized he could see right through her nightgown. His eyes were riveted below her waist.

“But I’m glad I didn’t have to,” he added huskily. “It would be a shame to scar those legs of yours.” He very slowly lifted his eyes to her face, taking his time, and gave her a crooked smile that set her heart to pounding again. “A real shame…”

Dear Reader,

As always, Intimate Moments offers you six terrific books to fill your reading time, starting with Terese Ramin’s Her Guardian Agent. For FBI agent Hazel Youvella, the case that took her back to revisit her Native American roots was a very personal one. For not only did she find the hero of her heart in Native American tracker Guy Levoie, she discovered the truth about the missing child she was seeking. This wasn’t just any child—this was her child.

If you enjoyed last month’s introduction to our FIRSTBORN SONS in-line continuity, you won’t want to miss the second installment. Carla Cassidy’s Born of Passion will grip you from the first page and leave you longing for the rest of these wonderful linked books. Valerie Parv takes a side trip from Silhouette Romance to debut in Intimate Moments with a stunner of a reunion romance called Interrupted Lullaby. Karen Templeton begins a new miniseries called HOW TO MARRY A MONARCH with Plain-Jane Princess, and Linda Winstead Jones returns with Hot on His Trail, a book you should be hot on the trail of yourself. Finally, welcome Sharon Mignerey back and take a look at her newest, Too Close for Comfort.

And don’t forget to look in the back of this book to see how Silhouette can make you a star.

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Leslie J. Wainger

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Hot on His Trail

Linda Winstead Jones

With many thanks to my good friend Sabrah Agee,

and to all the good people of Marion, Alabama.


has loved books of all kinds for as long as she can remember, spending her leisure hours with Nancy Drew and Miss Marple, or lost in worlds created by writers like Margaret Mitchell and Robert Heinlein. After years as an avid reader she decided to try her hand at writing her own stories. Since 1994 she’s been publishing historical and fantasy romance, winning the Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence for her 1996 time-travel story Desperado’s Gold. With the publication of Bridger’s Last Stand, her first book for Silhouette Intimate Moments, Linda stepped into the exciting arena of contemporary romance.

At home in Alabama, she divides her time between her husband, three sons, two dogs, reading whatever she can get her hands on and writing romance.



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No one would look at him. Five men and seven women filed gravely into their seats, their eyes on the floor or their shoes or the back of the juror before them. One woman dabbed at her red eyes. Tears. That couldn’t possibly be a good sign. Nick’s heart felt like it was about to burst through his chest.

The judge didn’t look at Nick, either, nor did the aide who remained close by the judge’s side. The assistant district attorney appeared to be supremely bored. His steely gaze wandered the room in an aimless way.

Nick’s own lawyer didn’t look at him, either. Norman’s solemn eyes were on a blank sheet of paper on the table. His fingers worked restlessly.
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