Wilder Days
Linda Winstead Jones

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Wilder Days
Linda Winstead Jones

Del Wilder had always been brash, reckless and more than a little dangerous. And years ago he'd stolen a young woman's heart–then walked away without a backward glance.Now, suddenly, he was back in Victoria Lowell's life, more compelling–and more dangerous–than ever. He was an undercover agent now, and she'd somehow gotten caught up in his desperate escape from a brutal drug cartel.As they ran for their lives, she ached to uncover all this mysterious man's secrets. But what would happen to the passion once again blazing between them when he learned her darkest secret–the truth about the child he had never known was his…?

“You can’t stay here tonight….” Victoria whispered.

“I can,” Del said harshly. “And I will.”

He took one step toward her. One step was all the room she had. With that simple movement, he robbed her of her safety zone, the shield that kept him at a distance. This close, she could feel his heat, see the stubble on his jaw. The faint, intriguing scent of his body drifted to her.

“You’re still angry,” he said, his voice softer now.

“Of course I’m still…”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, cupping her chin and forcing her to look him in the eye. And then he kissed her.

She’d known it was coming. She’d known, and yet she hadn’t taken her chance to step out of the danger zone and away from this kiss that was going to change everything. Her life. His. Her heart…

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Wilder Days

Linda Winstead Jones

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would rather write than do anything else. Since she cannot cook, gave up ironing many years ago and finds cleaning the house a complete waste of time, she has plenty of time to devote to her obsession for writing. Occasionally she’s tried to expand her horizons by taking classes. In the past she’s taken instruction on yoga, French (a dismal failure), Chinese cooking, cake decorating (food-related classes are always a good choice, even for someone who can’t cook), belly dancing (trust me, this was a long time ago) and, of course, creative writing.

She lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with her husband of more years than she’s willing to admit and the youngest of their three sons.

She can be reached via www.eHarlequin.com or her own Web site www.lindawinsteadjones.com.

This book is dedicated to

Leslie Wainger and Mary-Theresa Hussey,

who gave me the chance to tell this story.


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Chapter 1

Vic squirmed a little, trying without success to loosen the duct tape that bound her hands behind her back, her ankles to the rear legs of the metal chair, and her bare legs to Del’s blue-jeans-encased thighs. She straddled Del, and they were both snugly trussed to the chair and to one another, face-to-face. She glanced down as the man who had dragged her from her home that morning very carefully slid beneath the chair. He cradled something small and deadly looking in his large hands. Vic hadn’t thought it possible to be more frightened than she had been since the kidnapping, but the sight of that device made her heart beat a little harder, a little faster.

The second kidnapper, a petite blond woman, handed her partner more duct tape, and he tore off a long strip.

“You said you would let her go when I got here,” Del said between clenched teeth.

The blonde looked up at Del and smiled. “I lied.”

Del tried, as Vic did, to discreetly loosen the duct tape that bound him securely to the chair in this second-floor room of a deserted warehouse. Had the sight of that device scared him, too? He didn’t seem to be particularly frightened. Mainly, he looked annoyed.

“Whatever happened to professional courtesy?” Del asked, sounding as annoyed as he looked. He kept his eyes on the woman, who continued to kneel by the chair.
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