Аудиокнига Confessions

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HES THE RICH BOYYoung love  that was what Nadine and Hayden had. The kind of love that captures the soul and never dies. That is, until Haydens father swindled Nadines family, and they didnt see each other for thirteen years.   When his father suddenly dies, Hayden returns home to the familys lakeside mansion  and to his first love. But Nadine and her two young sons arent quite ready to trust again. Soon Hayden is left trying to work through mistrust and misinformation to gain the love of the girl no amount of money could make him forget.   HES MY SOLDIER BOYDark, sexy and dangerous, young Ben Powell could steal kisses as deep and stormy as Whitefire Lake. But when he cruelly accused Carlie Surrett of unthinkable sins, he left her in the dust of her shattered dreams.   Now, steelier than ever after his stint in the army, Ben is back  making Carlie curse the love that all but destroyed herand the volcanic passion that still sears her soul.

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