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One by one, hell stalk them, then hell squeeze the trigger, savoring the way each lifeless body crumples to the reddening snow. One down already. And then there were fiveWhen Detective Regan Pescoli drives to Sheriff Dan Graysons house to present her resignation, shes prepared for an argument. Shes not expecting to find Grayson shot and bleeding out on the frozen ground. The assassination attempt leaves Grayson barely clinging to life and the entire police department of Grizzly Falls, Montana, in shock. Every lawman has enemies, but something about this shooting suggests more than a simple grudge.Now Pescoli feels compelled to stay on the force until the case is solved. She and Detective Selena Alvarezwho is torn between a new relationship and her loyalty to Graysonwork to whittle down the list of suspects. But the deeper they go, the more personal and dangerous the case becomes.Then a prominent judges body is found and the killer sends a sinister warning to the press: Whos Next? Headstrong and eager for justice, Pescoli has no intention of waiting around to find out. Shell track the scant clues on her own if she has to, but she has no idea where her search will lead.Two down, four to goand now Alvarez and Pescoli are at the top of a killers list. And when hunter meets prey, both must be willing to killand ready to die.

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