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That summer feeling: sun-filled days, warm nights, and the sweet expectation that comes with findingor rediscoveringlove.His Bride To BeLisa JacksonThe job perks: a two-week luxury cruise in the company of one of the most eligible bachelors on the West Coast. But posing as Hale Donovans fiance to finesse a takeover deal will challenge all of Valerie Pryces resolve to keep business and pleasure separate.You AgainElizabeth BassA group yoga tour to Peru is the last place Meredith expects to see her workaholic ex-boyfriend, Sam. Seven years have changed everythingexcept Merediths regret at abruptly running away. Yet amid the magnificent views and ancient ruins, a new chance may be waiting.Return To Hampton BeachMary CarterJacob was the shy, kind twin. Chris was wild and dangerous. As a teenager, Celia Jensen was a little in love with them both. Now Celia is coming back to Hampton Beach for a summer, where shell untangle the lie that broke her heart.Summer MemoriesHolly ChamberlinTheres nowhere Ellen would rather nurse her wounds after her exs betrayal than Ogunquit, Mainea little beach town where she spent idyllic childhood summers. Then Ellen meets a charming local artist who challenges her to create new memories.

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