Infinite Possibilities

Аудиокнига Infinite Possibilities

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From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, this second book in the sexy, suspenseful new The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series picks up Amy and Liams story after the cliffhanger ending of Escaping Reality. Overhearing her lover, Liam Stone, in an incriminating conversation, Amy Bensen flees, intending to disappear and start over with a new identity. But no matter how clever she is at covering her tracks, the billionaires resources enable him to track her down. And if he could do that, so can the mysterious, murderous people shes been running from for six long years.  But Amy is done running now, determined to uncover why her family was killed, and who is hunting herand why. Liam vows hes there to protect her, but can she trust him? Every time she questions him, his explanations are so easy to believealmost too easy, given the dark, edgy passion that burns between them.  If hes part of them, hes a deadly danger to her. And if hes not, then shes a danger to him: because hell become a target along with her. Does love stand a chance?

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