Mistresses: After Hours With The Boss: Her Little White Lie / Their Most Forbidden Fling / An Inescapable Temptation

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He’s Very Demanding…Paige Harper told a little white lie that’s made headlines. The only way to secure the adoption of her best friend’s daughter was to fake an engagement with her boss. Now she can hear Dante Romani marching down the corridor to fire her…or maybe not! What else could he want?As Molly Drummond’s new boss, Lucas Banning poses a challenge – he’s brooding, demanding, and far too good-looking. He’s also a living, breathing reminder of the greatest tragedy in Molly’s life – so what does it mean that her heart skips a beat every time she sees him? Would a whirlwind fling be forbidden?Nurse Francesca Cruz has taken a job on a cruise ship bound for the Mediterranean except she finds herself trapped with gorgeous, arrogant doctor Gabriel Russo. She knows his type well, and won’t be tempted. But with nowhere to escape and her delicious boss lying in the next cabin, it’s easier said than done!

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