Sheikh's Desert Desire: Carrying the Sheikh's Heir

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King of the DesertCarrying the Sheikh’s HeirAn IVF mix up has landed Sheridan Sloane in trouble – she’s carrying the heir of the desert king of Kyr. When sinfully sexy Rashid demands marriage, Sheridan refuses but he sweeps her away to the desert sands… Can she and her unborn child thaw this proud Sheikh’s icy heart?Forged in the Desert HeatZafar Nejem has returned to his throne and his first act could ignite war! Rescuing American heiress Analise Christensen probably wasn’t his best decision but there’s something about the forbidden heat between them that draws this Sheikh to his enemy’s fiancé…The True King of DahaarThe once reckless Azeez is now ready to ascend the throne of Dahaar. Forgetting the shadows of his past he’s moved on, until Dr Nikhat Zakhari reappears. Will this unforgettable woman heal the only man she’s ever loved and become his queen?

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